My 20 Pieces

Well, I chose my pieces!  I tried to pick pieces that work together without being completely solid and/or neutral.

2 skirts:


3 pairs of pants:

Ivory Wide-leg Khakis615c633abe9f26a3a37a8f7981500937_545d8a37e2aaf012d355383ecb78c5d27b1193b4d13f942d4743636a0f77cd9d_66d3f6b3a2c43849e062a2ec420cf8d2

2 dresses:


4 cardigans:


2 button-downs:


And 7 tops:

Striped Top29605df77cc0045d610474490e8c32ed_1fe8492d48debd46b6f22ba43b570ba77150d848328a5d13f6b8e91fe8143c32_a6a144dd5e6fbbd461b661b4cd3ccca9Black Floral Tank
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary TeeFloral Sweatshirt

I’m linking up with Greater Than Rubies!

Edited because the sweatshirt I’ve been waiting for came from Old Navy.  I swapped it for the grey butterfly top that I haven’t worn yet.  🙂


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