The First Hard Day

So far I’ve really been enjoying this remix, but today it’s hard. Most of the pieces I chose are favorites that I wear frequently and KNOW they play well with others. But these pants don’t get worn often. I included them in my remix because I wanted to force myself to wear them more. Bad idea!  In theory they work just fine with most of the tops and cardigans I chose. In actual fact they don’t work at all!

This was the first combo I tried that didn’t make me go “Ugh”.



4 thoughts on “The First Hard Day

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Oh, gosh! I hate that feeling! I get it the most when something that I liked in front of the mirror turns out like crap in front of the camera. Did this outfit look good in person/action at least?

    Also, my two cents’: perhaps these pants don’t get much play because they’re too short? I can’t see your heel, but if you’re wearing flats, then these pants are definitely too short. That’s the first lesson Stacy London taught me on What Not to Wear: let all pants barely skim the floor. Especially wide or flared legs. Maybe take these to a tailor and either let them out or go the other way and take them in, shorten them and make them capris?


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