Double Houndstooth

This is one of those outfits that makes me wonder, “Am I too old to wear this?”  But then I think, “I don’t care!”  Maricel, over at My Closet Catalogue, did a whole week on “double patterns” (my favorite was stripes) which inspired me to double up on my houndstooth.  The skirt is obvious, but the silver cuff is houndstooth too!  See it here.1/17/14

This next photo is how I looked when I went out to run errands.  I had to switch out the Chucks for boots, and layer on my purple pea coat.  A lady stopped me in the grocery store parking lot to compliment my outfit!  She said “That’s such a cute outfit, especially considering you’re running errands with little kids!”  I guess I’m officially out of my “mommy rut”.  🙂

1/17/14 Going Out

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