My Style Journey, Part Three

Read Part One Where I’ve been, and Part Two Where I am

Where I’m going:

 As I rediscovered and developed my style, and got out of my “mommy rut”, I bought a lot of new clothes. I tried to be thoughtful and careful about what I bought, but I was still accumulating items that I wasn’t wearing often, and they were starting to stack up.

So, I decided to take stock of my closet:

  • What types of pieces do I wear the most?  Neutral, jewel tone, and pastel tanks, cardigans, button-downs.  Patterned tops, solid bottoms (with my houndstooth skirt being the exception).  Graphic tees.
  • Why?  I love to layer and pattern mix, but only on my top half.  I like color on my lower half, but not pattern.
  • Which pieces do I rarely wear?  Bright colored anything (well, except purple).  Patterned skirts (see above exception) / shorts (I never even ventured into patterned pants).  
  • Why?  While I like to be unique, I don’t like to be loud.  I’m an introvert at heart.

Then I determined how many of each type of piece I want to own. There were some areas where I really wanted to pare down (tank tops – I do wear them a lot, but an entire drawer full is ridiculous!) and other areas where I wanted to add (button-downs & cardigans – I told you I like to layer).

I got my final wardrobe count to a maximum of 65 pieces*.  I’m going to work with that this year, and if I find that there are still pieces I’m not wearing, I’ll consider paring down even farther in 2015.

  • 10 solid layering tanks (5 neutral, 5 colored)
  • 5 button-downs (2 solid, 3 patterned)
  • 5 dresses (1 LBD, 2 patterned, 2 solid)
  • 7 graphic tees
  • 4 long sleeve tops
  • 4 skirts (1 patterned, 1 colored, 2 neutral)
  • 5 pants (2 denim, 2 neutral, 1 colored)
  • 5 shorts (1 neutral, 4 colored)
  • 6 light weight cardigans (3 solid, 3 patterned)
  • 10 short sleeve or sleeveless tops (2 neutral, 8 patterned)
  • 4 “extras” (anything I want!)

I’ve already cleared out some of the old, added a few lovely pieces, and made a shopping list:

  1. Colored & patterned button-down.  I’m thinking purple plaid.
  2. Neutral shorts.  My denim pair are getting old, so I’d like to replace them with a grey, taupe, or olive pair.
  3. Sleeveless or short sleeve top in a neutral pattern.  I really like this one, but it pulls a bit across the chest, even though it’s not too small.
  4. Neutral maxi skirt / dress.  I love the 2 maxi dresses I have, but something neutral would give me more remixing options.

If you have a Go Chic or Go Home account you can view all of My Clothes.

*This count does not include undergarments, pajamas / lounge wear, hosiery, accessories, or shoes.



4 thoughts on “My Style Journey, Part Three

  1. mtsedwards says:

    So several comments:
    1. I am flabbergasted by your inventorying skills. Just the thought of attempting to do that with my closet makes me dry heave. Does that mean I have too many things? :/

    2. How do you account for evolving style and/or boredom? I want to be you with your deliberate and thoughtful approach to your wardrobe but I fear the aforementioned and am loath to give up anything. Case in point: I’d bought a pair of petite brown trousers from NY&C because they were on uber sale but realized they were too short for heels. I still held on to them but never wore them – tags still on! – but the other day, I tried them on with Chucks and fell in love. Two months ago, I would never have done that because I was in my heels phase but now I’m in my Whovian phase and I’m glad I hadn’t gotten rid of them.

    3. LOL to that top you linked to from Target. I bought the exact same one in TARDIS blue. I swear we’re twins! Only, I’m the evil spendthrift one. 😦

    4. I am immensely enjoying following your style journey. Mind if I do the same on my blog? Doing so may help me cull and limit the extravagance. Perhaps you can help guide me?!

    M @


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      1. I was starting with less than 100 items, and they were already in my GCOGH virtual closet.

      2. I have several thoughts on this:
      First, I think this might be a personality thing. I’ve never been one to hold on to things “just in case”.
      Second, I really thrive on pattern mixing & remixing. Coming up with new, creative ways to wear the same pieces is fun!
      Lastly, I’m cutting the total number down to 65, but that doesn’t mean I won’t still be shopping. It just means if I buy something new, then something old has to go. Since I tend to shop at Old Navy & Target, and wear each piece frequently, things wear out quickly anyway.

      3. Too funny! I saw it in TARDIS blue and thought of you. 🙂 I just wish it fit me – it’s not too tight at all, but the way it’s cut creates uniboob, which is not cute.
      Don’t be too hard on yourself – different people have different spending personalities. My husband is much more of a spender than I am (although he always try to get a good deal, just like you do). I bet your husband is a saver like me. 🙂

      4. I’m so glad you’re enjoying it, and of course you can do the same! I’d be happy to help in any way I can. Do you want to email me questions? Or should I do a more in depth post in my inventory / culling process?


  2. Alex @ Undergraduate Style says:

    Wow, hardcore! Since shorts are on your list, allow me to suggest J. Crew Factory’s 5″ chino shorts (NOT Oxford chinos–just chinos.) They are kind of pricey even at the Factory, but they have 40% off sales online all the time, and there’s always some in the clearance section. I’ve found that the high waist is comfy and stylish, the fabric is thicker so it doesn’t roll up or shift around, and the length is modest and perfect, at least for me. You might give them a try!


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