Remix Inspiration

As I looked through everyone’s outfits for Week 3 of the Winter Remix, I saw a few things that inspired me. Caitlin wore her red cardigan buttoned up as a top. Amy did a simple half tuck with a belt to dress up an outfit. These aren’t earth shattering ideas – they’re just simple little changes – but they can transform an outfit!  Thanks for the inspiration ladies!


3 thoughts on “Remix Inspiration

  1. Amy G says:

    I’m flattered that I was part of the inspiration for this outfit! Looks great! This is one of the great things about remixing in a community-like setting – getting ideas from each other. So fun!


  2. Amy G says:

    Thanks for the offer, Selah! It sounds fun and interesting, but I feel like it would just be one more thing to keep me sitting at the computer instead of getting things done at home.


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