Top Five Tuesday: Graphic Tees I’d LOVE to Own

I don’t own these because I keep a (somewhat) minimal wardrobe, and also some of them aren’t made in large enough sizes (RUDE!).

5.  Adventure Awaits – Doctor Who and Beauty and the Beast?  Awesome!  Too bad it only comes in Kelly Green (a perfectly fine color, just not my favorite).

4.  Downton Abbey Castle – I hopped aboard the Downton Abbey train early on (I DVR Masterpiece Classic) and I may still buy this one.  🙂

3.  Union Jack TARDIS – I actually ordered this one, but ThinkGeek’s babydoll tees run TINY (seriously, how is a 37″ chest a 2XL?!?).

2.  Pride and Prejudice (Fleece) – Okay, okay, it’s not technically a graphic tee, it’s a graphic sweatshirt, but I just love the print and that wide, raw neckline!  What could be better?

1.  Pride and Prejudice – Why the same print in purple, of course!  But, again with the tiny sizes.  😦

5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Graphic Tees I’d LOVE to Own

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Mwahahahaha! Thanks for giving me an idea for my 5 Things feature!

    I remember your telling me about that Union Jack tee. It didn’t fit? Did you return it? 😦


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