My Library

Exactly one year ago I read this post about Melissa’s home library.  At the time, I was completely envious and never, ever dreamed that I would have my own library.  Fast forward 6 months, to August 3, 2013 – we’re house hunting!  As we walked through this brand new home, picturing what each room would be, we reached a room that we had no immediate name for.  Even the builder referred to it as a “flex space”.  My husband suggested we turn it into a library, and I was sold!


I’ve had so much fun setting up and decorating my library, and now that it’s mostly complete I’d love to share it with you!

Library 2     Library 1

Two tall bookshelves flank the window, and a velvet bench creates a window seat – the perfect spot for my kids to curl up and read.

Library 3     Library 4

Most of my favorite authors are British, so I decorated with some Union Jacks (much to my Irish brother-in-law’s chagrin).  The pillows are just like Sherlock’s!  My parents gave me a card catalog as a house warming gift – it fits perfectly on the little table between the club chairs.

Library 1

Library 6     Library 5

I wrote about this artwork in another post, but I wanted to show some close-ups of the postcards.  I totally stole borrowed this idea from Melissa!

6 thoughts on “My Library

  1. mtsedwards says:

    That room looks so cozy! I adore the pillows and the card catalog. And the framed postcards are to die for!

    When we moved in to our house 9 years ago, I told my husband to convert the dining room into a library by building me floor-to-celing bookshelves a la “Beauty and the Beast” and he did and I loved that space but now it’s overrun by my kids’ crap. Sigh. Maybe when they move out, I can have my space again…


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