Remix Rewear Restyle: Reds

Remix Rewear Restyle is a weekly link up over at Greater Than Rubies.  Today’s theme is Reds (perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up!).


This look is exactly the same outfit as last Wednesday’s (see below), just styled differently.  I added a burgundy button-down for extra red and my kiss necklace (very similar) to play up the Valentine’s Day aspect of the look.


Last week’s Norma Jeane inspired look.

Linking up with Caitlin for Remix Rewear Restlye!

7 thoughts on “Remix Rewear Restyle: Reds

  1. Amy G says:

    I’m surprised how well those two striped tops go together! Great remixing, Selah! Also, I almost didn’t mention my necklace in my outfit post even though I wore it to work, but after I glanced at yours, I thought it would be fun to add. So, thanks for the inspiration 🙂


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