Top Five Tuesday: Favorite Authors

For me, a favorite author has to be someone who’s books I will ALWAYS at least try – even if I don’t LOVE everything they’ve written.  These are not numbered because I just can’t pick!

Jane Austen.  I wish more people (guys) realized just how funny Jane Austen is!  Some of her characters are absolutely ridiculous!

Agatha Christie.  Poirot, the funny little Belgian detective, is such a joy!

Robin McKinley.  YA fantasy at it’s best!  And she has a blog!

Suzanne Collins.  Everybody knows how great The Hungers Games books are, but have you read The Underland Chronicles?  She makes gigantic talking rats, bats, and cockroaches completely believable and relatable!

L. M. Montgomery.  It started, of course, with Anne of Green Gables, but I devoured everything she wrote when I was a teen!

Apparently, all my favorite authors are women.  I’ll have to do a Top Five Tuesday about my favorite male authors.


I dressed to match the theme today!


5 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Favorite Authors

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Yes, I’d love to know who’d be on that list! Also, I think I’m going to steal your top 5 topics for my 5 Things feature on Sundays; I’ve been running out of things to list. Quelle horreur! And they do say that sharing is caring. ;p

    P.S. L.M. Montgomery rocks but my growing up author would have to be Louisa May Alcott, sanctimonious storytelling and all, because Jo is my hero.


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Patience, grasshopper, it’s already drafted and will probably be posted in 2 weeks. 😉 Feel free to borrow my topics, I’d love to read your take on them!
      Alcott was definitely one of my childhood favorites! I read Little Women, Jo’s Boys, Eight Cousins, and Rose in Bloom. But I owned, and read all 20 of Montgomery’s novels, and a fair number of the short story collections as well. When my parents went to P. E. I. For their 25th anniversary they brought me back a first edition of Jane of Lantern Hill. 🙂


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      My introduction to Austen was actually the Laurence Olivier / Greer Garson version of P&P. That film got a lot of things wrong, but it got the humor right, so I came to the book expecting it to be funny.
      Thanks much for stopping by! Next Tuesday I’m going to link up with The Broke and the Bookish, because I enjoy your Top Ten Tuesday posts so much. 🙂


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