Shine On Award

Shine On

Um, wow!  I got nominated for another blog award, this time by my buddy Maricel at My Closet Catalogue.  Thank you Maricel!  As I told her, I don’t have any more blogs to nominate, so I’m just going to posts 7 random facts about myself.

  1. I’ve gone to the public library at least once per week for most of my life. My mom used to take me to story hour with Miss Monet, and now I take my kids to story hour with Miss Patti. I also worked at the public library during my senior year of high school. I really love the library!
  2. You will never see pictures of my children, or read their names, here. I’m that kind of over protective mom. 🙂
  3. My favorite television show of all time (yes, even more than Doctor Who) is Gilmore Girls. I watched every single episode live, before DVRs were a thing, and used to fuss at my husband not to talk during the show. After the series finale I sat in my husband’s lap and cried. We still quote it regularly.
  4. My given middle name is Arkansas, pronounced phonetically. It was my great-great-grandmother’s name. None of my 6 siblings have names as weird as mine – not even close.
  5. I am famous, in my family, for my homemade chocolate chip cookies. My siblings all say that no one makes cookies as good as mine. 🙂
  6. In college I was part of a performance art piece where I danced improvisationally inside of a giant, inflated, plastic tube for about 30 minutes. I even had my picture in several local newspapers. Dance
  7. I share my birthday (August 15) with Julia Child (cool!), Jennifer Lawrence (cool!), and Ben Affleck (so NOT cool!).

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