Top Five Tuesday: Favorite Male Authors

Last Tuesday I posted a list of my favorite authors, who all happen to be female.  So this week I’m doing a list of my favorite male authors.  Again, not numbered, because that’s too hard.

Charles Dickens.  I haven’t read as much Dickens as I’d like to (he was quite prolific), but I’ve read enough to know that I enjoy all the twists (haha) and turns his plots take.  Also, the more Dickens I read the more I see just how much his writing has influenced pop culture.

J. R. R. Tolkien.  Fantasy is one of my favorite literary genres, and Tolkien is king!  Surprisingly, I came to his works rather late – in my early 20s, but I did read all of the Lord of the Rings books before I knew about the movies being made.

Lemony Snicket.  I know I’m way too old for Snicket’s work, but I absolutely love his dark humor!  I bought and read the entire Series of Unfortunate Events well before my children were old enough for them.  This is a great example of a film leading me to a book!

C. S. Lewis.  One of my earliest memories is of my father reading aloud to me and my mother in the evenings (we didn’t get a television until I was about 7).  I recall playing with my little people on the living room floor while my dad read The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I’ve since read the Narnia books multiple times.  But it was a reading of Mere Christianity in college that really cemented my love for Lewis.  His great apologetic work brought into focus many of the questions I had, at the time, about my faith.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  My parents had a copy of The Complete Sherlock Holmes, which I positively devoured as a teenager.  I bought my own copy not long after I got married and moved out.  Doyle’s work, like Dickens’, has had a profound influence upon pop culture for the last century.

Next week I’ll be doing a Top Ten Tuesday prompted by The Broke and the Bookish.

6 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Favorite Male Authors

  1. Alex @ Undergraduate Style says:

    Nice list! Mere Christianity is my favorite Christian book because Lewis’s appeal to logic really resonates with me. Plus I love Lemony Snicket, especially when you consider his work in condensing down the gothic style into something that a young person can understand and enjoy. Now that I’m older, it might be interesting to revisit ASOUF while looking through that gothic lens.


  2. mtsedwards says:

    Ah, this is where we diverge. Aside from C.S. Lewis – who holds a place in my heart for Narnia but not much else – I don’t really cotton to the rest of your boys. Oh, I like them fine, especially Doyle, but not a rabid fan. Yes, I know, blasphemy at my calling myself a fantasy geek and not liking Tolkein, but Bob’s your uncle. ;p

    T3 tomorrah! Huzzah!


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