My Style Journey, Update

In Part Three I included a short list of items I wanted to add to my closet. Here is the list and an update about each item:

  1. Colored & patterned button-down.  After spending way too much time searching, I decided to just be happy with the button-downs I have.
  2. Neutral shorts.  I considered a few options and ultimately chose this pair from Old Navy.  The soft grey color (Paloma, anyone?) will pair nicely with every top I own, as well as looking lovely with both my black and nude shoes.                                                                Grey shorts
  3. Sleeveless or short sleeve top in a neutral pattern.  This shirt is a lovely greyish olive color with a random speckled pattern, but my favorite part is the faux leather trim!                                                                                               2/3/14
  4. Neutral maxi skirt / dress.  I had been thinking of a solid black or grey skirt, but when I saw this striped maxi skirt, I knew it was perfect!                  2/2/14
  5. In addition to these items, I also added an “extra”. This sweatshirt dress is cute, incredibly comfortable, and will work almost year round!                                                           2/22/14
  6. I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of some grey ankle boots. Fingers crossed that they fit and are comfortable!                                               image

So now I’m done shopping for awhile.  I’m not putting a time limit on it, I just want to enjoy my wardrobe in its current state.  Plus, it won’t be much longer before the boots get packed away and the shorts come out.

15 thoughts on “My Style Journey, Update

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I think my faves are the striped maxi – good call, Alex! – and the Tshirt dress. That dress is adorable on you! And it’s such a great neutral that I can already see so many outfits using it as a base! The boots are to die for also. I would ask from where, but probably not, yeah?


  2. mtsedwards says:

    P.S. I didn’t want to hijack Caitlin’s post, so I’ll reply here: I did think of GCOGH. I even created an account for just that purpose. But the thought of photographing my closet was so daunting, that I stopped before I could even start. I know you said I could just use my blog photos, but because I’m really anal and OCD (I mean, look at my online boutique, fer cryin’ out loud!) I’d want all my pics to look the same. Argh.

    But thanks for volunteering to be my intervention gal. Can I send you links and you walk me through them and convince me not to buy them? ;p


  3. Amy G says:

    That short sleeve sweatshirt dress is awesome! Cute, comfy, and versatile! And for the button-up, who knows, maybe you’ll stumble across one later sometime, when you’re not really even looking for it.


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