Remix Rewear Restyle: Winter Wear

Today’s Remix Rewear Restyle prompt, over at Greater Than Rubies, is {Winter Wear} How do you look put together despite the cold?  Show us your go-to winter ensemble, your outerwear, or both!

My winter go-to ensemble is:

  • interesting tank
  • cardigan
  • skinny jeans or pencil skirt & leggings
  • fur-lined boots

Examples from last winter:

Winter Go-to 1

Examples from this winter:

Winter Go-to 2

As for outerwear:  My plum pea-coat, made from sweatshirt material!

1/17/14 Going Out

I had to use old pictures for this post, because we’re currently having a heat wave!  It’s in the 60s today, so a pea-coat and fur-lined boots would be stifling.

I’m linking up with Remix Rewear Restyle!


4 thoughts on “Remix Rewear Restyle: Winter Wear

  1. Amy G says:

    Cute coat! And cardigans are definitely a good go-to for winter that I use a lot. I like your patterned cardigans. When I see them in store, I think they’re cute, but I don’t think they’d be that useful. You sure get good use out of yours, though!


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