Weekly Recap: 7 + 1 x 7, Part One

This week’s recap will come in 2 parts. Usually I recap Saturday – Friday, but this week I took part in a remix that runs Sunday – Saturday. So today I’ll post last Saturday’s outfit and the pieces I chose for the remix.  Tomorrow I’ll post all the remix outfits (plus some bonus outfits!).


Saturday:  Super comfy sweatshirt dress.  I’m loving the look of this long necklace!  I went to Old Navy Wednesday and bought two more (and then modified them so that I can switch out the pendants).

I spent the week remixing these 7 pieces:

Remix collage

And for my + 1 bonus piece:

Grey ankle boots

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: 7 + 1 x 7, Part One

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Am still loving this dress on you. It’s too bad you hate neck things because I can totally picture you looking so gorj with a floral scarf on for a pop of color. ;p


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