Weekly Recap: Midway Through March

I’m seriously considering either A) switching to recapping Friday-Thursday outfits, so that I can schedule the Weekly Recap for Friday morning, or B) posting the Weekly Recap on Saturday morning, instead of Friday at when-I-get-around-to-it time.  I really like to schedule my posts ahead of time!  Thoughts?

Edited to add – That’s it!  Something must done!  When I don’t schedule my posts ahead of time, but just hit Publish, they publish at the time the first draft was saved – why, why, WHY?!?  Okay, rant over, on to the outfits!


Saturday:  Copying my friend Alyssa again.


Sunday:  Raspberry cardigan for RRR.


Monday:  A Spring take on a Pinspired Summer look.


Tuesday:  More Pinspiration.


Wednesday:  Sweatshirt dress & Chucks!


Thursday:  I was in a weird mood.  Here’s my thought process on this outfit.

  • Comfy sweatshirt and leggings, in purple, of course.  Good, but . . .
  • I need pockets (and extra coverage).  So . . .
  • Brand new, most perfect fitting Levi’s shorts ever!
  • Is this too retro-in-a-bad-way?  Meh, I don’t care!


Friday:  When I told Alex @ Undergraduate Style that I didn’t have any Dazzling Blue, I had forgotten about this graphic tee!

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