Remix Rewear Restyle: Vintage Locket

Today’s prompt at GTR is Get Redressed Remix (On-trend with second hand items).

I have several pieces of jewelry that I’ve inherited from various relatives. This vintage locket is, I believe, from the 1920s, and belonged to my great-grandmother. Long necklaces became trendy again back in 2012, and the trend still seems to be going strong!

The whole outfit is, in a way, second hand. My lovely GCOGH friend, Jenessa, wore a floral and stripes outfit last week, which I have copied shamelessly. 😛

GTR-RRR Vintage     Locket

I’m linking up!


16 thoughts on “Remix Rewear Restyle: Vintage Locket

  1. she says:

    I LOVE vintage lockets! I actually take vintage lockets & pair them with other pieces to make necklaces. I have my own etsy shop, but it’s closed down for a bit while I restock. I’ll have to send you my shop’s link when it reopens. 🙂


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