What I’m Reading: Micro

I’ve read tons of Michael Crichton books in the past, with Jurassic Park and The Great Train Robbery being my favorites. I’m currently reading Micro, the book he was writing when he died. It was completed by Richard Preston.

I’m a big fan of books about tiny people, whether they’re a race of their own (The Borrowers) or shrunken by magic (The Sixty-Eight Rooms) or science (The Mysterious Shrinking House). I’m not convinced it works as well in a book written for adults.

The Prologue is vintage Crichton – intriguing and exciting.  Parts I and II are decent.  The story is a bit too Honey, I Shrunk the Kids for adults, but interesting, none the less.  Part III is, I believe, where Richard Preston takes over and everything changes.

Part III introduces an unwanted and jarring romance, resurrects multiple characters thought to be dead, and gives us snippets of the story from a wasp’s point of view.  In the immortal words of Matt Kennedy Gould, “What is going on?!?”

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