RRR: Dress Up (Or Down)!

Today’s prompt at GTR is:  Dress Up (Or Down!) Your favorite way to style a dress.  I decided to show a few ways that I’ve styled my beloved sweatshirt dress.


Simple, casual, perfect for Spring.


I always crave nautical looks in Spring & Summer.


This is what happens when I binge read The Hunger Games trilogy.  Dark green hoodie (after all, green is Katniss’ favorite color!), arrow bracelet, spike necklace (it’s a weapon, right?), hidden Mockingjay pin, and a dark, distant attitude.

Plus I have a book hangover.

I’m linking up with RRR @ GTR and Literary Stylings @ Fashion for Giants.

13 thoughts on “RRR: Dress Up (Or Down)!

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Am OBSESSED with this dress! I needs me a sweatshirt dress! Oooh, to do it M-style, you could wear a button up and tie underneath and your grey booties! Wait, do ties count as things you don’t like around your neck? :/


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