Weekly Recap: Guest Posting and Binge Reading

I’m guest posting over at Greater Than Rubies today!  I am thrilled to get the opportunity, so please go check it out. While you’re there, check out the rest of Caitlin’s fabulous blog!


Friday:  Loose copy of my GCOGH friend Jennie’s outfit.


Saturday:  My THG trilogy inspired outfit. Blame it on binge reading the series.


Sunday:  Even though my church is casual, I usually dress up a bit (it’s often the only chance I get each week).  This Sunday the church was packing meals with Stop Hunger Now, so casual was a must!


Monday:  The stress brought on by binge reading THG trilogy caused me to break out, which is why I have no head in this photo. 😛


Tuesday: It’s getting very warm this week!


Wednesday:  Eh, I got nothin’.


Thursday:  Basic tank, shorts, sneakers combo, elevated by the lace on the tank and the shark’s tooth necklace.

4 thoughts on “Weekly Recap: Guest Posting and Binge Reading

  1. mtsedwards says:

    “Eh, I got nothing.” LOL! I’m sure if you has the time, you would’ve come up with something appropriately witty to say about it. But all the other outfits did lend themselves to a fun caption, no? I especially love the plaid and green ensemble – that one caught my eye immediately when I was scrolling through.

    Will check out your guest post right now this second. What fun! Don’t forget the little people when you’re famous. ;p


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