Weekly Outfit Recap: Cutting Myself Some Slack

It’s been a bit of a difficult week around here.  Nothing major, just girl stuff. 😛  I had next to no energy to put into outfits – you’ve been warned!


Friday:  Getting my geek on.


Saturday:  Lavender & Berry.


Sunday:  The required tee again – paired with olive this time.


Monday:  I cut myself some slack. For the first time this year I allowed myself to stay in my jim-jams all day.  I cleaned the house, and then baked cookies with the kids.  It was a nice break, and I do have cute pajamas. 🙂


Tuesday:  I wore this outfit awhile back and felt rather Parisian in it.  By cuffing the jeans and switching from flats to Chucks, the outfit is transformed.


Wednesday:  Need an easy outfit?  Try double denim with black & gold accessories.


Thursday:  The sweatshirt dress strikes again. 😛

3 thoughts on “Weekly Outfit Recap: Cutting Myself Some Slack

  1. mtsedwards says:

    The Parisienne look is my fave of the week. Yes, it even beat out that darned sweatshirt dress that I still haven’t found. ;p There’s just something about stripes that make me happy.

    Oh, and brilliant idea for your pj day. I’ve been worrying about what to do this summer. I’ll be home (no summer at Yale for me anymore) and it’ll be hot and those two combined will have me in shorts and a tank for two months if I’m not careful.

    But I still want to post every. single. day. That is my “gimmick” after all. So maybe I can do like Book Badger and do summer “memes” and collages? What say you? Any ideas?


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Well, my summer life isn’t that different than the rest of the year – we even homeschool over the summer (math for my son, reading lessons for my daughter). I’ll be in shorts / tanks quite a bit myself, but I’m still planning to do my Weekly Outfit Recaps.


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