Top Five Tuesday: Retro Outfits

I love Anne the Spy Girl’s 52 Pick-me-up link up, especially her decade inspired prompts.  This week she’s encouraging us to wear 1950s era fashions.  Instead of one look, I give you five eight:

Fit & flare dresses with polka dot cardigan.


Slim, cropped pants with ballet flats, à la Audrey Hepburn.

A 1950s era icon on a graphic tee!


Fitted LBD with pearls and kitten heels.

Tomboy Chic

Anne never said we had to stick to women’s fashions. 🙂  Tomboy Chic, à la Beaver Cleaver.

I’m linking up: d1412-52-logo_vfcard

6 thoughts on “Top Five Tuesday: Retro Outfits

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I’m working on only two hours of sleep so bear with me as I comment…

    You are one of the rare few I know who can make that whole belt-over-cardigan look totally work.

    J’adore your Audrey look! There’s just something about stripes, n’est-ce pas?

    I really need me a Marilyn tee. Again, I curse the Fates that we live so far away or I’d be able to borrow this shirt from you a la Caitlin with that black maxi from her friend.

    OMGosh! You are a looker in that LBD! Vavavavoom! This is my fave look of the week. Wait, did you go out and celebrate your anniversary in this? Perfection!

    LOL. You weren’t kidding when you said you’d do a gender bender look for 50s. 😀


  2. Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

    Both Bert and I had a hard time sleeping last night too! What’s up with that?

    Thanks! I wish I’d done the belt over the cardigan with the orchid dress too.

    Stripes are awesome!

    Marilyn tees are easy to find! Try Hot Topic. 🙂 I wish we lived closer too!

    Ha! The LBD look is the one I created for our T3 exemplar.



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