RRR: Refresh

This seems like the perfect idea to link up with Remix Rewear Restyle | Refresh: A new way to wear an old favorite. RRR is a weekly link up at Greater Than Rubies.

Y’all, I knot t-shirts and button-downs all the time, but it was still a HUGE aha! moment for me when my GCOGH friend, Jeanette, knotted a cardigan! Why didn’t I think of that?!?


I’m linking up: RRR

8 thoughts on “RRR: Refresh

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Oh, what fun! Remember when knotting was the thing in the 80s? Wait, were you just a baby in the 80s? 😜 Anyhoo, yeah, everyone knotted their tops back then which is probably why I’ve resisted the technique for so long. You’ve just convinced me to give it another whirl, though. I guess it won’t look dated or kitsch if one knots au courant items like you’ve done here. Brilliant!


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