What I’m Reading: The Giver Quartet

I read and reviewed The Giver last month. Recently I read the other three books in Lois Lowry’s Quartet: Gathering Blue, Messenger, and Son.

Gathering Blue is a companion to The Giver. It takes place at the same time, in another society, which is completely different from the community in The Giver. The story wasn’t as strong, but I thoroughly enjoyed the main character, Kira. She had a quiet strength that I admired.

Kira looked directly at Vandara but she was speaking to the others now, in need of their support. She appealed not to their sympathy, because she knew they had none, but to their fear.

Messenger is a direct sequel to Gathering Blue, but it brings all the characters from the first two books together. It’s in this book that we’re introduced to the villain of the series. Messenger follows Matty, Kira’s friend, as he struggles to save Village.

And now she was talking to him in a way that was not foolish and childlike, designed to entrance, but instead was human and pained and adult. He felt suddenly that he loved her, and it was a feeling he had never known before.

Son starts off as a parallel story to The Giver. We meet Claire, a contemporary of Jonas. We learn more about the community and the people who live there. We journey with her to Village, where the story becomes a sequel to all three of the previous books, including a final showdown between good and evil.

 You hope to destroy me, and I plan to destroy you.

There are many lovely subtle themes woven throughout this series, but for me the overarching story is tied together in the quote I used in my post on The Giver:

We gained control of many things. But we had to let go of others.

I enjoyed the series as a whole, and I will definitely re-read it along with my children in a few years. ❤

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