RRR: Patterned Bottoms

Remix Rewear Restyle is a weekly link up hosted by Caitlin @ Greater Than Rubies. Today’s theme is Patterned Bottoms. Caitlin suggested that we could use a dress to create a faux patterned skirt, so that’s what I’ve done!

I knew I wanted to use this floral dress to create a skater skirt look, so I turned to Pinterest for inspiration, and found this from Get Glammed Up. How cute is she?

Here’s my take:


I’m linking up:RRR

13 thoughts on “RRR: Patterned Bottoms

  1. Whitney @ Whitney a la mode says:

    Nicely done! I can’t even tell that this is a dress (to me, that is how to judge the success of a layered outfit such as this). I’ve been into the skater dress look lately. It seems flattering for us ladies with slightly (or very) curvy lower halves. I might try to replicate this look sometime…I just hope I can pull it off as well as you did!


  2. Dawn Lucy says:

    Very cute look! Love the floral skirt with the denim shirt tied at the waist. As an English teacher, can’t help but love the title of your blog too!
    Dawn Lucy


  3. mtsedwards says:

    Aaaand the Queen of Knottingham strikes again! 😀

    See, I would’ve done the chambray buttoned and knotted over the dress but yoou took it one step further and layered with a tank top and the illusion of dress as skirt becomes that much more complete. This is why you’re the master and I merely the humble apprentice.

    Three huzzahs to you!


  4. Jennie says:

    Awesome job, Selah! Love how you layered this cute floral dress to look like a skirt. The knotted chambray top is so cute with this and I’m loving those sandals (still). 🙂


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Thanks! I think what made this work was that I tucked the hem of the tank up so that the tank hit at my natural waist (where it would if the tank was tucked into a skirt). Then I used the knotted chambray to disguise the fact that the tank wasn’t tucked into a waistband.


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