What I’m Reading (and Watching): Austenland

I read Austenland by Shannon Hale several years ago, on an Austen binge. I’ve been wanting to watch the film, so I decided to re-read. My favorite parts were when the MC, Jane, would compare herself and others to real Austen characters.

Ick, thought Jane, as she realized she was turning out to be poor Fanny Price in Mansfield Park–the plain girl, the lower-class girl, the one with no one to take her arm. Just now she wouldn’t turn down that naughty nugget, Henry Crawford.

This is a deceptive book. At first it seems like cotton candy – fluffy, sweet, and fun, with very little substance. Then you realize that Hale put tremendous effort into researching Austen and the Regency period. It’s a fun romp, especially for Austen fans!

The film version is HI-larious! Keri Russell is an adorable Jane, but the supporting actors really steal the show. Jennifer Coolidge, James Callis, and Georgia King chew the scenery with abandon, and kept me and my husband in stitches! Yes, you read that right – I got my husband to watch an Austen inspired rom-com. He’s a good man. 😀

Special thanks to Vi @ She Read for putting this book back on my radar!


10 thoughts on “What I’m Reading (and Watching): Austenland

    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Yeah, I need to find something else light / happy. I’ve been reading The Maze Runner series, and watching The Escape Artist (surprisingly twisted Masterpiece Mystery offering).
      The audiobook of How to Train Your Dragon was a nice distraction from the heavier stuff. Silly potty and gross out humor (which I can tolerate, but don’t really like) read by David Tennant (who was awesome and it completely worthwhile).


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