31 Days, 31 Ways Wrap Up

All 31 Days:


Wear count:

Blue jeans 11
Plaid shirt 8
Purple shirt 5
Floral dress 5
Green cardigan 5
Grey jeans 4
Denim skirt 4
Green sweatshirt 3
Baseball tee 3
Aqua blouse 3
Sweatshirt dress 3
Striped dress 3
Audrey tee 3
Beauty and the Beast tee 3
Floral blouse 3
Black cardigan 2
Striped cardigan 2
Striped top 2
Print skirt 2
Grey sweatshirt 2

What I learned along the way:

  1. I LOVE button downs – I find them more versatile than cardigans (13 button down looks & 9 cardigan looks – surprisingly, I never wore them together). I’ve since bought 3 new plaid flannel shirts. 🙂
  2. I really just love blue jeans. I need more styles!
  3. Chucks = sartorial bacon. They make everything better! Considering I wore them in 16 looks, I should get another pair!
  4. I’m a much bigger tomboy, style wise, than I previously realized.

Extra looks created during the remix:

Extra looks worn prior to the remix:

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14 thoughts on “31 Days, 31 Ways Wrap Up

  1. mtsedwards says:

    And prints! Let’s not forget prints. Seeing it all documented like this really emphasizes the fact that you look fab in prints and should invest in more of them. Plaid gets my vote. ;p


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Haha, thanks! Of the 75 items in my closet prior to the remix, 30 are prints (either allover pattern or graphics), and I’ve just bought 3 new plaid button downs. 😉 Considering I owned NOTHING printed until about 2-1/2 years ago, having 40% of my wardrobe be prints is astonishing. 😯


  2. Whitney @ Whitney a la mode says:

    You did such a great job with this remix! I can’t believe you even had EXTRA outfits! Of all of your looks, I found that I really liked the outfits where you wore your denim skirt. It’s such a classic shape and really made all of the outfits for me 🙂 And I don’t know if I would call you a tomboy…you wear lots of pretty skirts and dresses 🙂


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Thanks Jennie! One of the great things about a remix is that it forces you to try combinations you might never have thought of. One of my favorites is when I layered my floral blouse over my aqua blouse. I doubt I would’ve thought to do that were it not for the remix, and I really like how it looks.


  3. chessakat says:

    So impressive! You are totally rocking the prints and the layering! I really have to try a capsule at some point – but I’m still paring down my closet at this point – giving everything one last chance before it goes to the Goodwill! 😉


  4. Amy G says:

    How interesting that you had more button up outfits than cardigan ones and never wore them together! I love flannel shirts, adding a couple more to your closet sounds like a good idea, especially since you obviously wear them a lot. I like seeing the tally of how many times each item was worn here.


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      We had a pretty warm October, which is probably why I never wore a button down with a cardigan. After the remix I bought 3 new plaid flannel shirts. 🙂
      Whitney and Alex both did a wear count, so I decided to add one. I was surprised by a few things when I tallied it up.


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