Thoughtful Third Thursday: November 2014

This month’s T3 is a freebie. I’m super stoked about The Hunger Games : Mockingjay – Part 1 premiering this weekend (although not so stoked about that cumbersome title :/ ), so I’ve chosen Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins.

I wore this distressed denim on denim look for two reasons. First, the color palette matches the lovely book cover (just ignore the typography, Maricel). Next, the fraying on the jeans and the shirt cuffs symbolizes Katniss’ shredded psyche (deep, huh?).


Really though, my look is about the accessories, as they are taken right from the following quotes:

My mockingjay pin now lives with Cinna’s outfit, but there’s the gold locket and the silver parachute with the spile and Peeta’s pearl. I knot the pearl into the corner of the parachute, bury it deep in the recesses of the bag, as if it’s Peeta’s life and no one can take it away as long as I guard it.

I sit back on my bed cross-legged and find myself rubbing the smooth iridescent surface of the pearl back and forth against my lips. For some reason, it’s soothing. A cool kiss from the giver himself.

So, we’ve got a gold locket, a black pearl in a silver setting, and a silver bangle bracelet decorated with a gold arrow to tie everything together.

For more Mockingjay inspired fashion, visit Pinterest.

Now it’s your turn! What reading material inspired you? Link it up!

10 thoughts on “Thoughtful Third Thursday: November 2014

    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Thank you! My husband gave me my bangle for my birthday a year or 2 ago, and he picked it specifically because I love THG trilogy so much. 🙂 I also really like that it’s silver and gold. I have a hard time being okay with mixing metals, so a piece that does it for me is great!


  1. mtsedwards says:

    Aaaaand, she did it again, folks! Mind blown. Argh. You’re just way to good at this interpretation thing. It’s spooky! I figured it out, though. It’s because you have a great eye for detail and you can pull out quotes like nobody’s business. I bet you’re a book annotator, aren’t you? ;p ‘Tis why you’re such an amazing beta.


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