2014 Recap (Final Post of 2014)


12/17/14I passed on the striped dress from Whitney’s look for Blogging Besties.

12/12/14 Linking up with Maricel:


My favorite looks of 2014!


I recorded reading 135 books in 2014! 😯


Rudolph cookies!


Bad lip reading:


This is my final post for 2014. I’m taking the next 2 weeks off for Christmas vacation, and I’ll see you back here on 1/5/2015.

10 thoughts on “2014 Recap (Final Post of 2014)

  1. kateposeyphd says:

    Love the polka dot cardigan! You’ve got loads of fantastic styles here that are so versatile. Love it!! Wow–you read 135 books in 2014–what a full reading year. I always enjoy your GoodReads updates and looking forward to reading more of them in 2015. 🙂


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