A Bibliophile’s Restyle: Wear It Again (2) + Remix Looks, Week 2

It’s time to Wear It Again. Each month I’ll choose a look from the same month of the previous year, and use it for my inspiration.

I really love the combo of a flowy tunic and skinny jeans. The cardigan and oxfords keep me from freezing to death (that 3/4 sleeve cardigan and ballet wedges were not warm enough last year!).

Here are the looks I’ve created for the Shop Your Closet Remix and Create28 Lovely Looks:

Sunday: Dress


Monday: Button down + jeans


Tuesday: Sleeveless blouse + cardigan


Wednesday: Graphic tee

imageThursday: Casual top + jeans


Friday: Skirt + leggings


Saturday: Sweatshirt + Chucks



11 thoughts on “A Bibliophile’s Restyle: Wear It Again (2) + Remix Looks, Week 2

  1. mtsedwards says:

    There’s a distinctly purple motif happening in this collection. Was that on purpose? My fave this time around is the last outfit. That shade of green looks splendid on you, and the necklace is gorgeous.


  2. Carrie says:

    Selah, I really like that idea of a redo of last year’s look. Great idea! You have all your pretty {best} colors here. I have always liked you in those purplish/berry colors. My favorite look today is the cardi w/graphic tee.


  3. Amy G says:

    Yes, purple on purple! I love finding ways to pull that off. I like the way you did it here, with solids in different shades. Lately I’ve been having fun mixing purple solids with purple patterns.


  4. Caitlin says:

    I love the thoughtfulness from your recreated look, and have to pick the graphic tee and herringbone sweater as my favorite look from this week! You know I’m a sucker for herringbone. 🙂


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