Black Top + Jeans Challenge (1)

Caitlin @ Greater Than Rubies issued a challenge on Saturday – the Black Top + Jeans Challenge. She encouraged her readers to take a black top and jeans and accessorize it to create a unique look. It’s an open-ended link up, and this challenge is right up my alley, so I’m going to do several.


First up is a dressy Spring look. My dark wash, ankle length, skinny jeans and black lace tank create my base. I’ve added a light weight, teal green cardigan, black wedges, lucite green bracelet, and a long gold necklace. I purchased the necklace with the Target gift card I won during Caitlin’s Shop Your Closet Remix back in February. The teal and yellow wings are perfect for Spring!


Linking up: image

This Thursday, 4/16/15, is Thoughtful Third Thursday! This month’s theme is “April Showers: A Book That Made You Cry”.


2 thoughts on “Black Top + Jeans Challenge (1)

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Are you letting your hair grow? It looks particularly fluffy – in good way! – in this pic. 😀

    Teal looks fantastic on you and I love how you always find the hidden gems at Target. The necklace is too kawaii for words! (You’re gonna have to pardon the insertion of numerous Japanese words in my comments while I’m in the throes of my anime bingeing.) ;p


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