At Home / On the Go (1)

Over Christmas break 2013, my buddy Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue, a high school English teacher, took on a Stay At Home Mom challenge.  What she came up with was a direct reflection of how I dress: a simple, basic, comfy outfit at home / change out a piece and add accessories for going out. For example:

I deliberately started with a very simple look.

At home: black tank (the eyelet lace texture keeps it from being too basic), comfy boyfriend jeans, and flip-flops. It’s an easy look to throw on and wear around the house.

On the Go: I added a pendant necklace and bracelet, and switched out the flip-flops for some comfortable silver sandals. I wore this to run errands, but it would work for a lunch date with my husband or a girlfriend as well.

I’m linking up: A Lovely Little À La Mode Link Up

8 thoughts on “At Home / On the Go (1)

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Oh, fun! I love playing “spot the difference”; it’s my favorite mini-game. Of course, you made it too easy by pointing things out. LOL. Coveting that tank – the eyelet does elevate it and the thicker straps make it perfect for casual and dressy without needing a completer piece.


  2. Casey says:

    Isn’t it amazing what just tiny changes can do to make an outfit more polished??! Very cute!! Thanks for linking up with us! Hope to see you next week! XO ~ Casey @ A Little Bit of Cheer


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