The Birthday Tag

1. What date is your Birthday?

August 15th.

2. What is your favorite kind of birthday cake?

Key Lime Pie.

3. What is your birth-stone?

Isn’t it ugly?

4. Which celebrities/famous people share your birth date?

Julia Child, Jennifer Lawrence, E. Nesbit, and Ben Affleck. The ladies are all kinds of awesome, but Mr. Affleck is not my favorite. FYI, “not my favorite” is what I’ve taught my children to say instead of “gross” and “yucky”.

5. What would be your ideal birthday present?

Books! Especially special editions or new releases from favorite authors.

6. If you could invite anyone famous to your birthday party, who would it be?

Jane Austen, Audrey Hepburn, Julia and Paul Child, Jennifer Lawrence, Robin McKinley, Stanley Tucci, David Suchet, Agatha Christie, David Tennant, JJ Feild, Gregory Peck, I could go on!

7. What is one of your favorite/funniest/happiest birthday memories?

I kissed my husband for the first time on my 21st birthday (to be clear, he was not my husband at the time – we got married a year later).

8. If you could choose a different period in history to be born, when would it be?


11 thoughts on “The Birthday Tag

  1. Chris says:

    I have always been bummed that peridot is my birthstone because it is usually ugly. (And I like green!) Recently though, I have seen some peridot jewelry that is pretty.

    Happy Birthday !


  2. BookishIlluminations says:

    Happy Birthday!! I’m so excited that you posted–this Birthday Tag is wonderful and it’s a great way to get to know you more!! What did you do for your birthday? I hope it was an absolutely wonderful day!! xo


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