TTT: Favorite Thoughtful Third Thursday Posts

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a FREEBIE. I am shamelessly promoting my own link-up by showcasing my Favorite Thoughtful Third Thursday (T3) Posts!


What is T3, you ask? Every third Thursday of the month, create a blog post with a quote and/or a synopsis of something you’ve read (novel, non-fiction, short story, magazine, blog, manga, etc.), and an outfit that you feel corresponds. You don’t have to be a fashion blogger to participate. If you’re camera shy or lean more towards bibliophile than style, you can get creative with a Polyvore ensemble, draw a sketch or create a collage! Check out these examples:

  1. I wore purple sequins.
  2. Connie impersonated a librarian.
  3. Val made a freaking diorama!
  4. Stefani showed us what happiness looks like.
  5. Gracey was villainous.
  6. Alex drew inspiration from Winston Churchill.
  7. Whitney channeled Jane Austen.
  8. Maricel was Sherlock.
  9. Chessa’s hat!
  10. Anne combined the quote and the clothes.

The next Thoughtful Third Thursday (T3) is this Thursday and we would LOVE for you to join in! Like TTT, it’s a FREEBIE, so anything goes!

I’m linking up: Top Ten Tuesday

10 thoughts on “TTT: Favorite Thoughtful Third Thursday Posts

    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Thanks! I’m always impressed with the creative responses people have to prompts! Using a book as inspiration for fashion is fun – I’ve been inspired by outfit descriptions, book covers, the time period (both of when the book was written / set and when I originally read it), as well as random quotes that sent me off on a tangent. 😉

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