At Home / On the Go (3) + Create28 Week 2

Over Christmas break 2013, my buddy Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue, a high school English teacher, took on a Stay At Home Mom challenge.  What she came up with was a direct reflection of how I dress: a simple, basic, comfy outfit at home / change out a piece and add accessories for going out. For example:

At home: blue plaid boyfriend button down, skinnies, and grey moccasins

On the Go: I tried belting, tucking (full and partial), and tying but I decided that I really like long and loose over lean. So, I left the shirt and skinnies alone and just dressed up the accessories.


imageDay 6. Moccasins: My moccasins are strictly for at home.
imageDay 7. Flares: I have a devil of a time finding flared jeans that fit, so I’m spinning this one and wearing a fit & flare dress. 😉 This entire look is copied from Whitney’s Fall Colors look. 
imageDay 8. Summer to Fall Transition: For those Fall days that are still 80+ degrees I wear a Summer staple in a Fall fabric – tweed shorts.
imageDay 9. Tights: When the temperature drops, I can still wear my tweed shorts if I add (purple) tights.
imageDay 10. White after Labor Day: Ugh, don’t even get me started on how ridiculous that “rule” is! I wear white after Labor Day the same way I wear it before – I pick something white and put it on.
imageDay 11. Colored / Patterned Bottoms: I’m guessing I shouldn’t wear my tweed shorts for a 3rd time this week? No? Okay, how about this B&W floral skort instead?

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3 thoughts on “At Home / On the Go (3) + Create28 Week 2

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Fuchsia dress for the win! And paired with that gorgeous cardi? Yep, hands down ftw! Although now, what are you gonna do for “jewel tones”day? ;p


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