Create28 Week 4

imageimageDay 20. Dresses: An LBD (or a faux version like mine) is a versatile piece to own.
imageDay 21. Prints & Patterns: I’m recycling my “Favorite Blouse” look with a patterned cardigan.
imageDay 22. Fall Neutrals: When I think all neutral, I immediately think navy and black. I threw in some charcoal grey too.
imageDay 23. Long Cardigan: I only have one, so that was easy.

Day 24. Camo: My camo Chucks instantly perk up any outfit.
imageDay 25. Aztec Pattern: I don’t own anything in an Aztec pattern, so I’m substituting a Herringbone, since there are a lot of zigzag / chevron shapes in Aztec patterns.

classic american
imageDay 26. Pin It / Did It: The color scheme is different, but these classic pieces are all wardrobe staples for me.

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4 thoughts on “Create28 Week 4

  1. Whitney a la mode says:

    I love how you fulfill every single Create28 prompt! Even down to the sunglasses in your “pinned it and did it” look! My favorite of this week is your pattern mixing, though. So perfect that the patterns are in the same hue!


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