Create28 Winter Friends Edition (3)

It’s week 3 of Create28 with Carrie, Whitney, and Casey.

Day 15 – Never Before Blogged: I’ve had this photo sitting on my phone for a few months. I just love the lace detail on the sleeves of this sweatshirt. imageimage

Day 16 – Cozy Cardigan: Cardigans are cozy by definition, aren’t they? I do avoid acrylic and wool though – too scratchy. I used to wear purple ALL the time, but it’s actually been a while since I’ve worn this cardigan.
Day 17 – Simply Me: A super simple outfit that is completely me – including a literary touch (Alice in Wonderland necklace).

Day 18 – Teacher Style: I considered being really cheeky and posting a picture of my pajamas, since, as a homeschool mom, I do teach in my pajamas occasionally. However, I try to get dressed in “real clothes” every day, so I just went with a typical weekday outfit. I did wear my house shoes for the pic though. 😉
Day 19 – Rose Quartz: I’ve been wearing this cardigan a lot this month! I paired it with neutrals here, in order to let the Rose Quartz color shine.image
Day 20 – Prints and Patterns: My favorite way to add a print to my Winter wardrobe is through patterned socks.  I’ve restyled my Simply Me outfit with plaid socks and oxfords. imageimage
Day 21 – Twin Sister Style: I decided to “twin” Whitney’s look from Day 5 – Duck Boots:


I’m linking up here: A Lovely Little À La Mode Link Up


2 thoughts on “Create28 Winter Friends Edition (3)

  1. Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

    Well, like I said, I really do try to not stay in my pajamas all day. I feel better and more productive when I get dressed. Freshening up and putting on clean pajamas for a “Pajama Day” at school is quite different than schlepping around in the pajamas you actually slept in the night before. 😉


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