TTT: How I Read (with Emojis)

Today’s Top Ten Tuesday topic is a Freebie, so I decided to tell you about how I read. Inspired by the June 2K16 Book Challenge prompt for the day!


  1. I read a LOT. I’m talking 5+ hours every day. 😊
  2. I still get stuff done, because I ❤ digital audio books. 😍
  3. I am a polyreader. I read 2 to 7 books at a time. 📚
  4. I have NO problem DNFing a book. 😒
  5. Most of the books I buy are used. 💵
  6. Most of the books I read are from the public libraries (yes, I have access to 2 different systems). 🙌
  7. I eat and drink while reading. I also read while eating and drinking. ☕️
  8. I love organizing and reorganizing my bookshelves, both physical and virtual. 📖 🐛
  9. I take the book jackets off my hardbacks when I read them. I like keeping the jacket nice. Yes, I know this is in complete contradiction to the purpose of the book jacket. How else would I be able to create that beautiful book rainbow? 📖 🌈
  10. I have an uncanny ability to remember book titles and authors, but not always the actual details of the plot. 😣

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14 thoughts on “TTT: How I Read (with Emojis)

  1. Holly says:

    Love this! Also, I love the term “polyreader”– it’s perfect! Ever since I started listening to more audio books this summer it feels as though the world of multitasking has suddenly thrust open its doors for me. I mean, I can listen to books AND wash dishes? Or fold laundry? Or make lunch? Or do some crafts? Or exercise? The possibilities are endless! 🙂

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    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Yes! I actually get more housework done since I started listening to audiobooks on my phone. The only chores I can’t do while listening are 1) bill paying (it’s important to fully pay attention while paying bills!) and 2) vacuuming (I can’t hear the audiobook over the vacuum). That second one kind of sucks (LOL) because vacuuming is the chore I loathe the most.

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  2. Wendy Runyon says:

    I take the covers off hardcovers too. I introduced this habit to my daughter early on and now she immediately takes the covers off when she gets a new book. LOL I think she kind of missed the point . . . I have a stack of children’s hardcover jackets just sitting separately on a shelf because she’d rather they be off.

    I like to listen while I clean too–although it’s much easier when my daughter isn’t home. If she’s around, I am constantly being interrupted and it makes it next to impossible to make any headway in an audio book.:-(

    Great list!


  3. gotmybook2 says:

    I am pretty much reading unless I am working (they don’t allow it) or sleeping.
    Because I too am way into audiobooks
    I usually only read 1 new book at a time but I jump from book to book when rereading
    I DNF books all the time.
    I almost never buy non-audiobooks
    I have access to 6 library systems (lots of relatives in different places)
    Don’t own any hardbacks
    I’m the opposite, I have the describe the book until someone comes up with the title

    My TTT


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      It’s cool that your relatives let you use their library accounts! I live right on the border between 2 states. We live in NC and my husband works in SC (which gives him taxpayer status and access to the library system). I also got my kids their own library cards in part to give us more monthly credits for digital audiobooks!


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