Austen in August (2) – Pride and Prejudice and Pumpkin Pie

WARNING! This review contains SPOILERS (if you are somehow unaware of the plot of Pride and Prejudice).

Pride and Prejudice (TV Mini-Series 1995)

Pumpkin Pie is my blog nickname for my son. We spent several nights watching this lovely mini-series together (his first viewing, my billionth). Here’s how it went down:

Pumpkin Pie is not quite 11, so I had to explain a lot. I prepped him by defining entailment, and reminding him of the limited opportunities for women during much of humanity’s history. Along the way, I explained why marrying a cousin was considered okay, and why Lydia was in disgrace, as well as defining various old-fashioned words.

During the first ballroom scene, he remarked that the ladies’ evening gowns showed a lot of boobs (his word). I guess this dress is considerably lower cut than anything he’s seen me wear:

After the first couple of episodes he wondered if anything was actually going to happen – “It’s just a bunch of women talking about which men they fancy.” At that point, I thought I’d lost him, but the next  night he requested another episode.

He found Mr. Collins completely ridiculous, especially the fact that Mr. Collins rehearses compliments for ladies ahead of time. One night at dinner, I asked my husband whether a joke he told a was thought up in the moment or “the result of previous study,”  and Pumpkin Pie laughed so hard he almost fell off his chair.

He hated Lady Catherine de Bourgh. During Elizabeth’s confrontation with Lady C. de B., he threw a balled up tissue at the TV and told her to “put a sock in it”!

He gave an excited “YES!”, complete with fist pump, when Elizabeth and Darcy finally got engaged. 😀

All in all, it was a wonderful experience!



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