Blogging Besties: A Nautical Look

Blogging Besties is a weekly series featuring Whitney of Whitney à la mode, Alex of Undergraduate Style, Maricel of ::My Closet Catalogue:: and Selah of A Bibliophile’s Style. Each week, one of the bloggers will choose one component from the previous week’s outfit to pass on in a brand new look. This “take one, pass it on” challenge is an inspiration to stretch your closet and your imagination!


Last week, Alex gave us a hint of spring with her minty ensemble.

This week is brought to you by: “pencil skirt, flats, a nautical look, or a statement necklace”.

And for your viewing pleasure, I give you: a nautical look.

My challenge week fortuitously fell during my Spring Break so I had ample opportunity to create an outfit. But as soon as I saw “nautical”, I knew I had to challenge myself twofold and not just find a compliant outfit.

I was gonna make a compliant outfit.


As in sew it up.

Because I’ve been hanging on to this fabric since last year and it’s been begging to be made and I swore I’d use it before this school year was out and I was running out of time and what better incentive to sew something up but a blogging challenge? (Yep, I talk in run-ons when I’m excited.)

So, challenge accepted. Fabric picked out. But what pattern?

I really wanted to show off that border print and initially thought circle skirt. But the opportunity to make a dress was too tempting, what with that built-in stripe and all, so after perusing my library – yes, I now have a library! – of patterns, I ultimately settled on the Laurel from Colette because its simple silhouette was intended as a showcase for loud and vibrant prints.

I’m not gonna bore you with all my sewing woes – I’m still teaching myself after all, and what should’ve only taken four hours actually ended sucking up my last day of Spring Break – but can I just say the one thing I’m particularly proud of is that this dress is fully lined? Which eliminated the need for sleeves. Or a slip. (Even though I still wear a slip anyway because vintage.)

For Selah’s turn next week, I challenge her to the following: pattern mixing, sleeveless, or something related to transportation.

Vive le vendredi!

:: Just the facts, ma’am ::
Dress – made by me
Pumps – Aerosoles

:: Scream it from the top of your lungs ::
Victorious by Panic! at the Disco

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