Blogging Besties

The Blogging Besties series is the brain child of Alex @ The Cheerful Closet and Whitney @ Whitney à la Mode. It’s based on the idea of “take one, pass it on,” but passing on an element from another blogger’s outfit.

At first, it was just Alex and Whitney, ping-ponging back and forth. Then they added a link up, which I faithfully participated in. In 2015 the link up was dropped, and the series expanded to include  me, Selah @ A Bibliophile’s Style and Maricel @ My Closet Catelogue. 

Now we go round robin, passing on an element from the previous blogger’s outfit. It’s a fun challenge that inspires us to be creative!

All of my Blogging Besties posts can be found here, with additional posts (from before I was officially participating) located here.