31 Days, 31 Ways Wrap Up

All 31 Days:


Wear count:

Blue jeans 11
Plaid shirt 8
Purple shirt 5
Floral dress 5
Green cardigan 5
Grey jeans 4
Denim skirt 4
Green sweatshirt 3
Baseball tee 3
Aqua blouse 3
Sweatshirt dress 3
Striped dress 3
Audrey tee 3
Beauty and the Beast tee 3
Floral blouse 3
Black cardigan 2
Striped cardigan 2
Striped top 2
Print skirt 2
Grey sweatshirt 2

What I learned along the way:

  1. I LOVE button downs – I find them more versatile than cardigans (13 button down looks & 9 cardigan looks – surprisingly, I never wore them together). I’ve since bought 3 new plaid flannel shirts. 🙂
  2. I really just love blue jeans. I need more styles!
  3. Chucks = sartorial bacon. They make everything better! Considering I wore them in 16 looks, I should get another pair!
  4. I’m a much bigger tomboy, style wise, than I previously realized.

Extra looks created during the remix:

Extra looks worn prior to the remix:

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Weekly Outfit Recap: Vacation Outfits +

Vacation: The sweatshirt dress and leggings was my travel outfit (both to and from the beach). The denim cutoffs were my workhorse piece. I never even wore the cargo pants or purple button down that I packed!


Sunday: Bright and Spring-y for Mother’s Day.


Monday: I LOVE the mixture of the uber feminine Marilyn with cargo pants! It reminds me of Marilyn’s USO tour photos, courtesy of the USMC.

Tuesday: It’s warming up!


Wednesday: Super casual today.


Thursday: it’s turned cold and rainy today, so I’m staying cozy inside. 😉

Starting next Friday, I’m going to change up my Friday posts a bit. Instead of just posting outfits, I’m going to include info about books I’ve been reading, links to favorite posts from other bloggers, and a teaser about upcoming posts. I’m modeling the idea after Amanda’s In Bed With Badger posts.

Weekly Outfit Recap: Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Most of this week, I’ve been on vacation. So, I’ve included my vacation capsule wardrobe below.  Next Friday’s recap will have the actual outfits I wore on vacation, plus whatever I wear next week. Does that make sense?


Friday:  I wore my Marilyn tee again, with a coral skirt to play off the orange-red of her lips.

Vacation Capsule Wardrobe

Vacation Capsule Wardrobe:  I count 36 viable outfits from these pieces, and I’m only on vacation for 6 days (I’m not counting travel days).  Also, we have access to a washer & dryer in our condo, so I won’t be wearing dirty clothes. 😉

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