T3Reading has influenced my style for as long as I can remember.  I can even trace my love of pattern mixing back to The Baby-sitters Club!  So, when Maricel at My Closet Catalogue asked me to co-host a reading and style related link-up, I was excited (not to mention, completely flattered)!

The link-up lasted for almost 2 years before we both decided to move on to other ventures. All of my posts are listed below:

February 2014 (Agatha Christie: An Autobiography)

March 2014 (Tooth and Claw)

April 2014 (Sunshine)

May 2014 (Ender’s Game)

June 2014 Favorite Childhood Read (Harry the Dirty Dog)

July 2014 Favorite Villain (The Hunger Games Trilogy)

August 2014 FREEBIE (A Special Trade)

September 2014 Best OR Worst Mandatory High School Read (The Red Pony)

October 2014 Fear Factor: a book that gives / gave you the chills (The Silkworm)

November 2014 FREEBIE (Mockingjay)

December 2014 Best OR Worst Read of 2014 (Abhorsen)

January 2015 Favorite Literary Man (Poirot)

February 2015 FREEBIE (Also Known As)

March 2015 Marching On (a book you had to slog through to finish and/or a series you marathoned) (The Jane Jeffry series)

April 2015 April Showers: A Book That Made You Cry (A Summer to Die)

May 2015 FREEBIE (Rose Daughter)

June 2015 Page to Screen (Catching Fire)

July 2015 Beach Read (something you’d read on the beach and/or set at the beach) (The Thousand-Dollar Tan Line – Veronica Mars #1)

August 2015 Back to School (set in a school) (The Hundred Dresses)

September 2015 FREEBIE (Jane Austen)

October 2015 – Supernatural Read (just in time for Halloween!) (The Name of the Star)

November 2015 – Gratitude (what have you read that inspired gratitude?) (Maybe in Another Life)

December 2015 – Best or Worst Read of 2015 (Mechanica / Splintered)

16 thoughts on “T3

  1. mtsedwards says:

    Perfection! Can you do me a fave and add “by Ally Carter” after “Gallagher Girls series” so people who are interested can look them up? Thank you!


  2. mtsedwards says:

    Alex mentioned our being a year old and I didn’t think it’d been that long but I guess it has! I’ve known you for a year now! It just seems like yesterday! 😀 ❤


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