Thoughtful Third Thursday: July, 2014

Our T3 theme this month is Favorite Villain, and President Snow is the epitome of villainy. An impossibly evil man who has ascended to power through the most corrupt means, he is cold, murderous, and somewhat vampiric. He makes me so mad, I just want to kick him right in the Coriolanus!*

In my mind, President Snow should be viewed in front of marble pillars hung with oversized flags. It’s jarring to see him surrounded by the ordinary objects in the room. Like taking the lid off a pot and finding a fanged viper instead of stew.
– Suzanne Collins, Catching Fire

I combined a structured black skirt, viper green top, and rose accessories to create my President Snow inspired look.

President Snow

*Credit for that joke goes to Cole Porter.

Okay, your turn!

11 thoughts on “Thoughtful Third Thursday: July, 2014

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I take it back – purple isn’t your signature color; green is. Viper green, to be exact! This interpretation is choice and that photo of Snow is creepy perfection.


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