Top Five (Six) Tuesday: Fall Colors

My lovely blogger friends Alex @ Undergraduate Style and Carrie @ A Lovely Little Wardrobe wrote a great series on the Pantone Fashion Color Report Fall 2014.  They’re hosting a link up to finish the series off.  Since the link up falls on a Tuesday, I decided to show you items that I actually own in 6 of these colors.

1.  Cypress.  This fabulous neutral is one of my favorites:

2.   Aluminum.  Another neutral that I love:

3.   Cognac. This Sand cardigan that I wore last Spring has lovely Cognac touches at the hem and cuffs, perfect for Fall:

4.   Mauve Mist. I adore purple, and there are 3 shades of it on the color report!                     

5.   Sangria. This purple is dark and rich, like the drink it’s named for:

6.   Radiant Orchid.  Ah, the color of the year!  This pinky purple is my favorite of them all:

Linking up: Color Me Tuesday

14 thoughts on “Top Five (Six) Tuesday: Fall Colors

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love the two purples! I need to do a little thrift store shopping this week and am trying to get myself psyched up ha ha! I usually hate shopping but I’ll maybe see if I can track down some of the colors on the report – I also really like the blues.


  2. kateposeyphd says:

    I find that I definitely gravitate towards aluminum! I love that piece, and I think it’s such a fantastic neutral. I also love that raspberry ice shade–I’m always drawn to sweaters in that hue. Love this list!! 🙂


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