Thankful Thursday #2

2 years ago my dear friend Caitlin @ Greater Than Rubies posted something she was thankful for EVERY DAY in November. I played along in the comments, as well as keeping a list on my phone (which I saved). I want to revisit that idea, so Thankful Thursdays are taking over November! Of course, I’ll still be co-hosting Thoughtful Third Thursday (a. k. a. T3) on the 20th (this month is a FREEBIE Topic).

Here’s what I’m thankful for so far this month (the numbers correspond with the day of the month):

  1. The cold snap – it finally feels like Fall!
  2. Doctor Who
  3. A nice warm house.
  4. Well behaved kids – I took them with me to vote, and they were great!
  5. Goodreads – it’s helped me so much with keeping track of TBRs and reading challenges.
  6. Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue, who is one of my best friends, and my unfailing cheerleader, even though we’ve never met. ❤
  7. The libraries – I live right on the border of two states, and I have a library card at BOTH!
  8. Harris Teeter (again) – 2 years later, and I’ve still never had a bad customer service experience.
  9. Getting over my mini reading slump.
  10. Completing my Goodreads Challenge!
  11. Caitlin @ Greater Than Rubies, for inspiring me to live better, and for never making me feel bad when I fail. ❤
  12. Audiobooks, which allow me to share books with my kids without losing my voice or starving. 😛

What are you thankful for today?

8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #2

  1. mtsedwards says:

    I ❤ you loads and loads and am thankful for you too! Because you inspire me and make me feel like a better person for having known you. Speaking of inspire, tell me all about this Thursday of yours – is the number arbitrary or is there a rhyme or reason to how many things you're thankful for in each list? Perhaps I can be the Selah to your Caitlin in this scenario and hop on the thankful list bandwagon. 😀


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