Summer Remix Challenge – Wrap Up

Looks 28-30:

14 looks from the archives:

The month in review:


I ended up switching out the purple tank top for a green one (I did wear the purple one early on but it was under the plaid shirt and could barely be seen). My floral dress and olive skirt were both grossly under-utilized. Not surprisingly, my graphic tee and novelty print tops got a lot of wear. 🙂 I could keep going for another 30 days with these 20 pieces:

  1. Blue tank + striped maxi + chambray shirt
  2. Green tank + striped maxi + chambray shirt
  3. Blue tank + cutoffs + chambray shirt
  4. Pineapple tank + cutoffs
  5. Blue tank + mint shorts + chambray shirt
  6. White lace tank + mint shorts
  7. White lace tank + grey shorts
  8. Black lace tank + grey shorts
  9. Pineapple tank + lavender shorts
  10. White lace tank + lavender shorts
  11. Plaid shirt + lavender shorts
  12. White lace tank + olive skirt
  13. Black lace tank + olive skirt
  14. Pineapple tank + olive skirt
  15. Blue tank + coral skirt + chambray shirt
  16. White lace tank + coral skirt
  17. Green floral blouse + mint shorts
  18. Green floral blouse + lavender shorts
  19. Butterfly top + mint shorts
  20. Butterfly top + olive skirt
  21. Anchor tee + grey shorts
  22. Anchor tee + lavender shorts
  23. Marilyn tee + olive skirt
  24. Blue tank + floral dress + chambray shirt
  25. Green tank + floral dress + chambray shirt
  26. Pineapple tank + floral dress + chambray shirt
  27. White lace tank + floral dress + chambray shirt
  28. Black lace tank + floral dress + chambray shirt
  29. Floral dress + plaid shirt
  30. Floral dress + striped maxi

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13 thoughts on “Summer Remix Challenge – Wrap Up

  1. mtsedwards says:

    You know which ones are my faves so I’ll just say brava! for actually doing this and being so successful at it. I wish I had your fortitude and remixing mojo. 😀


  2. Caitlin says:

    Love, love, love! Selah, I am so glad you took part in this challenge! Seeing all the looks you came up with, have come up with, and could come up with is awesome. Hope you and your sweet family are having a great week!


    • Selah at A Bibliophile's Style says:

      Thanks Caitlin! I’m glad I took part too, and I’ve already started thinking about 20 pieces for Fall, just in case. 😉 Bert’s still working a lot but otherwise things are calming down around here. I’m enjoying the last few weeks of Summer vacation with my kids. 🙂 I hope your week is lovely!


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