At Home / On the Go (2)

Over Christmas break 2013, my buddy Maricel @ My Closet Catalogue, a high school English teacher, took on a Stay At Home Mom challenge.  What she came up with was a direct reflection of how I dress: a simple, basic, comfy outfit at home / change out a piece and add accessories for going out. For example:

At home: blush tank (with fun brass studs), distressed denim shorts, and flip-flops. What could be more comfortable during the summer (it hit 90 over the weekend :/ ) than a tank / shorts / flip-flops combo?

On the Go: I added a tortoiseshell bracelet, switched out the flip-flops for nude sandals, and did a partial tuck on the shirt to emphasize my waist. I look casual but put together.

I’m linking up: A Lovely Little À La Mode Link Up

3 thoughts on “At Home / On the Go (2)

  1. Whitney à la mode says:

    It’s so crazy what a simple tuck can do for an outfit! Sometimes I challenge myself while people watching to figure out how I could take a random person’s outfit up a notch (does this make me creepy??) but my most used response is to tuck in the shirt! Thanks for linking-up with Carrie, Casey and me 🙂


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