Triple Pattern Mix & Winter Remix Week 4

I’ve done plaid & floral, floral & dots, and plaid & dots. Why not do all three?!?


Winter Remix Week 4:


What I learned:

  1. These slacks are too short.
  2. This sweater is too small and scratchy (give it a good home Maricel).
  3. This vest doesn’t work well with these other pieces. I’m not giving up on it completely, but I need to work with it.
  4. My grey skinny jeans are awesome! They got more wear than anything else. The chambray button-down came in a very close 2nd.
  5. I could keep going for quite awhile with these pieces. GCOGHers can see other outfits I’ve worn that are made from these pieces here.
  6. I miss some of my basics.

Linking up with Caitlin!

Don’t forget about Thoughtful Third Thursday – the first one is February 20th!

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6 thoughts on “Triple Pattern Mix & Winter Remix Week 4

  1. Amy G says:

    Way to finish strong! I really like the color pallet of the “winter white” one, and the black and white pattern mixing is great! I also really like the purple tights with the olive skirt.


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